Get Connected

Get Connected
It’s not hard to find ways to get involved at Timberridge. You don’t need any kind of training other than being willing to do anything the job requires. If you think you don’t have the time, volunteer for a job that doesn't require any additional time, like being an usher (taking up collections) at the Sunday service. Or assist with the landscaping on a periodic basis. Setting aside a little bit of time each week or month is enough to get you used to volunteering, and will make a difference to others.
What opportunities are available?

We're glad you asked! An Elder from the Timberridge Session oversees a ministry team focusing on a special area of ministry. Contact the Elder listed with each ministry team for more information or if you have questions. 

Christian Education
Contact Beth Steele
Works with the church staff to plan and implement programs, classes for adults, youth and children.
  • Assist with or teach in adult, student or children's Sunday school classes
  • Assist with or teach a Bible study
  • Assist in the nursery during Sunday school or worship services
  • Help select Sunday school curriculum for children and youth
  • Help plan or supervise youth activities
  • Decorate church bulletin boards
Contact Ron Willard
Works with the church staff to create a relevant worship experience.
  • Be a greeter or an usher
  • Sing in the adult choir
  • Play in the handbell choir
  • Help decorate the church for special services
Congregational Nurture
Contact Erline Gunter
Works with the church staff supporting the congregation in times of joy or sorrow.
  • Make calls or send cards to those in need
  • Visit the sick, shut-in or bereaved
  • Prepare meals for sick or shut-in members
  • Assist with set-up or clean-up for church meals  
Contact Jennifer Gunter
Find opportunities for Timberridge members to be involved in our local community and beyond.
  • Volunteer at the Food Pantry or other organizations
  • Donate items or help create bags as part of the Bag Brigade
  • Work with other churches to support local ministries

Contact Leigh Harrison
Plans for finances, personnel, procedures, insurance and stewardship of the church.
  • Assist with church finances, policies and procedures
  • Assist with budget preparation
Buildings and Grounds
Contact Susie Thurmond
Help with simple maintenance of the buildings, grounds and cemetery.
  • Use your skills as a painter, carpenter, etc. to do general repairs
  • Lock and unlock the church on Sundays or at other events
  • Assist with simple landscaping around the church and cemetery
The activities listed above are only a few examples of what each committee does. If you have other talents or interests that you’d like to use but aren’t sure where they best fit, contact Joyce Rodgers, the Timberridge Clerk of Session. She’ll be happy to help you get involved!